Hearing Evaluation 

Audiogram Exam 

The Hearing Exam is the most important step to better hearing. 

Our experienced providers at Discount Hearing Aids in North Andover, Massachusetts, offers hearing tests for all hearing impaired individuals. We then thoroughly explain the audiogram results so that you understand how your hearing loss affects your daily living environments. Because each hearing impaired individual has their own unique hearing loss, it is important you choose a provider who is board certified with a credible history in the hearing industry.



The Hearing Exam is the most important step to better hearing. Without an accurate and updated hearing exam, your audiogram will not reflect an accurate diagnosis of your hearing loss. 


Audiogram hearing test results are very crucial to the understanding of your specific hearing loss. Charles Balyozian will explain why you are missing certain sounds in your daily activities, break down the differences of a “low-frequency hearing loss” versus a “high-frequency hearing loss” and how this may impact interpreting certain words or sounds in your everyday listening environments. Hearing Aid Evaluations are a great way for hearing impaired individuals to best understand the advancements in hearing aid technology and how they can assist your specific hearing loss. 

We discuss the differences in cost for each level of hearing loss and most importantly recommend the preferred technology to assist your specific hearing needs. Trial Period evaluations are offered to each hearing impaired individual who decides to purchase hearing aids at Discount Hearing Aids. We will keep working with you until we find the exact product that assists your hearing to the highest level attainable. At Discount Hearing Aids in North Andover, Massachusetts, we strongly believe that it is our duty to teach you about the impact of hearing loss, show you how to prevent future hearing loss.

Discount Hearing Aids in North Andover, Massachusetts, offers a Free Hearing Aid Consultation & Demonstration to individuals who currently wear hearing aids, who used to wear hearing aids but no longer use them, and for individuals looking into the possibility of purchasing hearing aids for the first time. Charles Balyozian will walk you through the features and benefits of each of our preferred manufacturers and provide a demonstration of how the device will assist your daily listening environments.