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Foundations Built on Charlie’s Bad Hearing Care Experience

In 1998, Charles Balyozian – who was an auctioneer at the time – noticed that he was struggling to clearly hear conversations in noisy backgrounds which were imperative to his career, so he decided to have a hearing a test at a popular Boston clinic. 

What he discovered, shocked him.

After a short ten-minute hearing test, the specialist sat facing him then spent 40 minutes hard-selling him on buying premium hearing aids – it was uncomfortable, it was unethical and intimidating.

Charles walked away feeling frustrated by the situation but the larger fear was that if he felt intimated and uncomfortable as a relatively young larger guy – what must older generations feel like in these situations.

With his auctioneer career coming to an end, Charles decided to address the uncomfortable situation he found himself in by training and opening his own hearing care clinic.

After intense training, Charles opened Hear More Associates and the entire premise of the organisation is to be transparent, honest and caring.

There is never any awkward hard-selling, everything is done with best intentions and in an industry that has a stigma for being crooks, Charles and his team have built a reputation throughout Lexington, Greater Boston, and New Hampshire, as being the nice guys!

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