Rexton hearing aids

Rexton was built on the foundation that exceptional hearing technology should be accessible to all.

Our products offer superior speech understanding, durability, and personalization to deliver unprecedented wearing comfort. Our people are empowered to provide solution-driven service to meet each individual’s needs.

That is why Rexton is the smart choice.


Manufacturer NameCompetitors priceYour PriceYou Save
REXTON EMERALD 80 4C$1695 ea$999 ea$696 ea
REXTON Stellar (6C) 80$1499 ea$1099 ea$400 ea

All sales and fittings of hearing aids must be accompanied by a recommendation as well as a hearing test and evaluation from one of our trained staff.

Mfg PartYour Price
REXTON EMERALD 80 6C$1,995.00
REXTON MOSAIC 80 6C$1,995.00
REXTON MOSAIC 80 6C$1,995.00
REXTON EMERALD 60 6C$1,895.00
REXTON FINESSE 18 2C$1,895.00
REXTON MOSAIC 60 6C$1,895.00
REXTON MOSAIC 80 4C$1,895.00
REXTON STERLING 60 6C$1,895.00
REXTON STERLING 80 2C$1,895.00
REXTON EMERALD 60 4C$1,850.00
REXTON MOSAIC 60 4C$1,850.00
REXTON STERLING 60 4C$1,850.00
REXTON INSITE + Pro Mini RIC Custom Models$1,771.00
REXTON STREAM 16 Occlusion Free Aid Custom Models$1,771.00
REXTON INSITE ITE Half Shell/ Canal/ CIC Custom Models$1,742.00
REXTON INSITE + P/ INSITE + Open/ INSITE + Free BTE$1,693.00
REXTON MOSAIC 40 6C$1,495.00
REXTON STERLING 40 6C$1,495.00
REXTON ACCORD 12 2C$1,399.00
REXTON MOSAIC 40 4C$1,399.00